Hi-fi Repairs Surrey

Hi. I am sorry but I have too much work on at the moment. So i’m only repairing valve hifi amplifiers. I shall amend this page when I’m back repairing everything else as well.

Thanks, Henry



I have been repairing, servicing, modifying and rebuilding customers’ hifi and instrument amplifiers for 30 years.

I am trusted by some of the the top audio dealers to repair and service their very expensive audio stock.


I repair all hifi, whether it is worth very little, or whether it is worth £1,000’s. I repair amplifiers, tuners, record players, cassette decks, cd players, speakers & reel-to reel tape players. I also calibrate high end tuners.

A few of the brands I service & repair:

Arcam, Audiolab, Conrad Johnson, Graff,  Leak, Linn, Meridian, Musical Fidelity, Nad, Naim, Nakamichi, Quad, Rotel, Wadia


I repair guitar amps and other live music equipment. I also can do any modifications and servicing, and build amps to your specification.

I regularly service and repair Marshall, Vox, Fender & Peavey amplifiers, as well as boutique brands.

I am happy to chat about what you need doing.

So give me a call on 01372 456921.

For Hi-Fi Repairs Surrey.


“Henry is great! He has repaired several hifi amplifiers, tuners and guitar amps for me. He has corrected bad workmanship of other repairers, and because of his expertise, been much more affordable than other repairers I have been to. He is also always totally honest, which is a relief after my experiences elsewhere!”        D Gibson,  Guildford.

“A visit to Henry and it was clear my hi-fi amp was working fine, but the problem was with how I was using it. After cheerfully demo-ing some of his other kit to me, I realised that I don’t need the loudness and bass cranked up to get a pleasing sound. In fact, that explained the muddy sound I had been getting! My setup at home now sounds much better. Thanks.” Nick C

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